Bring on the Heatwave!


As temperatures reach record breaking highs it’s not necessarily all great news especially if you are menopausal and stuck in an office. So here’s our top tips for keeping cool at work and surviving the dreaded commute!


  1. Keep your skincare in the fridge – that way you can start the day with a cool feeling to the skin and your makeup won’t slide off. Mineral powders are also highly recommended in hot weather for their staying power.


  1. When it comes to choosing the best working wardrobe, light layers of cotton that don’t stick to the skin are best in hot weather so stay away from tight tops or materials such as polyester. There are even brands out there which make clothing specially designed for menopausal women which keep your temperature regulated. To help alleviate vaginal dryness avoid nylon underwear and consider a long lasting vaginal moisturiser, such as Regelle, to give you 3 days of intimate hydration throughout the working day.


  1. You will find that you sweat more in this weather – not ideal at work. Use natural deodorants and wear loose clothing.


  1. Keep a facial spritz close by or ideally in the fridge at work for frequent cool down moments!


  1. Make sure that your office provides you with a fan during hot temperatures or ask them to adjust the air conditioning if you feel you need to cool down.



  1. Up your water intake as you will probably get more hot flushes or find they are more severe than normal. Keep a 2 litre bottle on your desk and replenish constantly.


  1. Cut down on caffeine and alcohol as these can make you even more dehydrated. You can up your hydration levels by eating fruits such as watermelon and grapefruit.


  1. Fatigue can also increase at this time of year and concentration can lapse. We recommend taking breaks for a short walk outside or meditation before and after work.


  1. When travelling to and from work keep a bottle of ice cold water with you and try and keep outside where possible.


  1. Finally – get outside and enjoy the long summer evenings with a walk after work to destress!


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